We always source our lamb from Wales or just on the border. We mature our lamb as we do our steak in our Himalayan salt chiller.


REDUCE MOISTURE - Excess moisture is drawn out of the lamb through the salty atmosphere. Air humidity is lowered, and in turn, the meat imparts its moisture into the air.

TENDERISE - The dry environment salt walls maintain, promotes the desired chemical reactions to take place within the meat. This includes the denaturing of protein fibres, which tenderises the meat to provide a heightened level of succulence.

ANTI - MICROBIAL - The use of Himalayan salt wall in our maturation chamber creates an anti - microbial environment which prevents bad bacterial growth and adds the possibility of maturing the lamb for longer.

GREAT ROASTS - The culmination of these benefits a salt wall brings to the chamber leads to a truly exquisite flavour only obtained from this process.

Welsh Diced Spring Lamb

Tender enough for putting on skewers!

Lamb Shanks


Shoulder Of Welsh Spring Lamb

If you would like it boned & rolled or butterflied please mention it in the comment box at checkout!